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Value-based Marketing: How targeted healthcare messaging can boost your impact

In a crowded, highly regulated industry like healthcare, it can be challenging to properly communicate the value of your product or solution. Fortunately, there are still effective ways to produce value-driven healthcare messaging to reach your target audiences at each level of the system – with a little specialized knowledge about their respective pain points and priorities.


Executives are big picture people, so it pays to stick to big ideas when shaping your messages to them. One theme that’s bound to get traction is cost savings. Whatever your product or solution is, frame it in terms of its overall cost impact to an organization. Can the initial purchase price be softened with reimbursements? Can your solution be framed as an overall cost-saving measure?

  • Overall cost to organization

  • Reimbursements

  • Cost avoidance


Supply chain decisionmakers traditionally have non-medical backgrounds, and have a comparatively narrow perspective when making their decision on a new product or solution. To properly address their concerns, highlight (in non-technical language) the beneficial and measurable differences between your offering, and what they might already have.

  • Why is this better than what we have?


Hospital department directors have varying backgrounds, but they most commonly bring a combination of medical and business aptitudes to the role. As you might imagine, their focus is to keep their department running smoothly. This includes finding cost savings when possible (many are financially incented to do so), time savings, convenience – and of course – keeping their physicians happy. When addressing them as an audience, confine your claims to things that will provide specific benefits to their department, making sure to back up any claims with concrete proof.

  • Cost savings (department-level)

  • Time savings

  • Convenience

  • Keeping physicians happy


Physicians – thankfully – tend to focus singularly on positive clinical outcomes for their patients. Beyond the professional standards of their vocation, personal interaction with their patients gives them an emotional interest in their patients’ wellbeing. To get through to a physician, draw heavily on objective facts and evidence (e.g. clinical trials). Prove that your solution will enhance their patients’ lives, making sure to tie the functional benefits to an emotional reward. Once convinced, physicians can become invaluable internal advocates for your product or solution.

  • Clinical/emotional view of patient outcomes

  • Evidence-based merits (trials)

  • Can be great internal advocates

By placing greater focus on your target, it’s possible to tailor concise, value-driven healthcare messaging to professionals within all levels of the system. At Tamooz, we work hard to equip our clients with strategically-resonant messaging that tells their ideal story – no matter the audience.

If you’d like more detailed information about healthcare messaging, be sure to follow our blog, and visit us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Or – to get better acquainted – give us a call at +1 612 234 1153 (US), +44 7 835 160 205 (UK), or +972 3 681 8885 (IL).


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