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A well-executed animation can mean the difference between your brand being understood by an audience—and completely overlooked. And when time and attention are at a premium, there are few better ways to relay compelling, relevant information.

Tamooz achieves your marketing, training, and education goals by delivering high-quality, custom animations that connect with your audience. From planning and scripting to execution and promotion, we have all the bases covered.

Leveraging content across

the customer journey

Our experts work with you to ensure your animation is effective and fits seamlessly into the entire customer journey.
  • Outline objectives and target audience

  • Find the right style, format, and appropriate length of animation

  • Create a digital strategy to support and promote video

  • Determine appropriate channels for viewing and promotion

  • Make sure you get the most bang for your buck


of people are visual learners.

-The Visual Teaching Alliance


Illustrations, 3D Graphics, Virtual Reality Simulations & More

  • Explain complex medical concepts simply and accurately

  • Provide a deeper understanding of your therapy, drug, or device

  • Show science in an engaging and entertaining way

  • Go beyond features and functions and tell a bigger story

  • Educate with customized demos, training, and eLearning

Tell your story

Our team is highly skilled at taking complex ideas and turning them into smaller, easier to process concepts. We also go beyond outlining basic product features to create animations that make meaningful connections and tell stories.

  • Talented and creative writers with healthcare scripting experience

  • Powerful and dynamic scripts

  • Reflect your brand and integrate messaging

  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements

End-to-end service

Striking, professionally designed animations create a compelling experience that will capture attention quickly. Not only will your audience want to see more—they will be more likely to share on social media.

  • Engaging storyboards and dynamic visuals that bring your brand to life

  • Experienced and talented graphic artists

  • 3D artists and 3D animators in house


Get More Mileage Out of Your Animation

Save time, effort, and maximize your ROI by repurposing your animations. We’ll show you what channels and how.

Measuring impact

Get the most out of your investment by tracking your performance and measuring your success. Our team provides the data and insights to both assess and optimize your animations, along with a supporting strategy.  

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