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Stop hoarding TP: Stuff your sales funnel instead.

Content is king, now more than ever. That’s because digital is just about the only way to broadly connect with potential customers in the age of coronavirus.

Cranking out quality content is effective, but it can also get expensive. So how do you get the most bang for your buck?

You need to make sure you are squeezing everything out of each asset. Content must be created for use across platforms. We’ve created some ROI-friendly tools and packages to help you generate leads and keep your sales funnel flowing.

Engagement on Demand

Connect with people around the world through WebTV. Our team will create a branded platform and web page for live streaming, playbacks and other virtual events. With our help, you’ll be able to broadcast your latest and greatest news and product information with minimal fuss.

We’ll also help you develop content ideas, including ways to repurpose and repackage.

No Symposium—No Problem.

Can’t attend a congress? We’ll bring the experts and symposia directly to you. One of the best ways to capture attention and gain leads is through your Key Opinion Leaders.

Our team of verbal strategists and experienced journalists will conduct interviews with your KOLs to produce engaging videos and articles—covering everything from educational topics and research, to industry breakthroughs—all while weaving in key messages about your product or therapy.

Connect with KOLs

Want to take it a step further and literally introduce customers to your Key Opinion Leaders?

Through this platform, your target audience can schedule online meetings and consultations to expand their knowledge, receive valuable advice, or simply network. It’s a great tool to foster mentorships, and you’ll also build brand awareness because your organization will be known for facilitating these conversations.

Your Presentation, Delivered.

It’s clear that digital sales presentations will dominate communications over the next few months. We’ve created a special tool to help your sales team now and into the future.

The ePresenter organizes your assets and allows you to create customized presentations based on physician profiles and specific ‘leading’ questions. You can easily adapt content based on the customer, objectives and allotted time for the meeting. The result is a sales presentation that’s more targeted, and more personalized.

Other benefits:

  • Tracks content for optimization

  • Integrates with most CRM platforms

  • Ensures approved, on brand content is used across an organization

  • Saves time and increases efficiency

  • Enables versatility: for remote sharing, congresses and in the field

During these uncertain times, content is critical to bridging the communication gap. We want to make sure you get the most for your money.


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