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Reach your 2020 targets—

by getting yourself noticed.

Animations can be a powerful asset to communicate your value to an audience. But putting one together might sound like a complicated, expensive endeavor. Not so, when you work with Tamooz.

Get the professional, eye-catching results you need—for a price that won't blow your budget. 

At Tamooz, we’ve created several packages to help you gain visibility while sticking to your budget. Our team of experienced content specialists and animators can help you get the most out of your message, to tell your most compelling story.

Our animations packages

plans and pricing

All animations include: storyboarding, copy, design, animation and project management

Bronze Plan

Just a basic, honest-to-goodness animation—here to tell your story.

1 x up to 60 second 2D animation

Silver Plan

An advanced animations package, built for flexibility.

2 x up to 60 second 2D animations

4 x 15 second clips for use on social from main animation

4 x promotional copy for social










Gold Plan

Best value

Our best value, for those who demand the highest production quality, and tailored promotion to match.

Upload to Youtube + keyword/ SEO strategy

1 x 3D photo realistic product animation up to 60 seconds

2 x up to 60 second 2D animations

18 product stills exports from animations

12 x 15 second clips from 3D animation for promotional use

6 x promotional copy for social (2 per animation)

Landing page + opt in form (templated) for lead opt-ins

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