Product launch


Messaging development

Concept creation

Visual execution (print/digital)

Communications planning

Digital development

Exhibit design

Material production




Medtronic tasked Tamooz to help launch a new product for its back pain stimulation business. RestoreSensor provides patients with the freedom of continuous motion by automating a once manual process.


The Challenge

At the time of launch, accelorometers were a new innovation that could only be found on Apple iPhones. As part of our job, we needed to educate the health care community about this revolutionary technology. We demonstrated it using new iPads and instead of relying on copy, we chose illustrations. Tamooz created educational tools that mimicked the spinal anatomy—revealing the need for this new technology.

The Result

By creating a holistic messaging and communication plan from the beginning, Tamooz was able to keep deliverables consistent both visually and verbally, leverage many assets across different types of media and to create a launch brand that was memorable and different.

The brand won internal and external awards—and is still referenced by other clients years after the initial launch.