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GE Healthcare




GE Healthcare



We partnered with GE Healthcare—combining our strategic communications, messaging and congress planning offerings—to deliver a powerful marketing campaign and create an impactful booth and hospitality lounge experience.



We had been working with GE Healthcare for several years—doing everything from branding, strategy, content, design, digital, interactive and live experiences. They chose us for these projects because of our demonstrated capacity to provide a high-quality, full-service solution.

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The challenge

It was imperative for GE to continue to prove their commitment to a healthier future for women—this year with a particular emphasis on their fetal heart and OB/GYN audiences. Because consistency is the foundation of trust, the new ultrasound marketing campaign would need to live underneath their existing “A Healthier Future for Women” messaging, and serve as an overarching message for communications.

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The result

Success meant getting our audience involved, to help them feel like they’re part of something much bigger. So we chose to support our new campaign headline, “Because she needs to know.” with stories generated from in-depth physician interviews. This method helped us form a consistent, emotionally-resonant message that could be executed across all platforms—including their two large booth installations at ISUOG, and all print and digital campaign materials.


GE Healthcare said the campaign and corresponding booth were “very powerful” and “different than so much of the other health care marketing we are seeing now.” They plan to continue their partnership with us for upcoming projects.

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