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CIMZIA® sought our services for their portfolio branding project, which determined the overarching messaging for the CIMZIA self-delivery platform—including their prefilled syringe, Autoclicks® prefilled pen, and ava®—their new electronic self-injection device. Subsequent to this, we created a separate messaging platform for ava itself—to provide a verbal springboard for their global product launch.



CIMZIA is a prescription biologic medication that is injected under the skin and works to prevent inflammation that may result from an overactive immune system. It is for patients with autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and allows them to self-administer their injections at home without the help of a doctor or nurse.   



We successfully developed the messaging platform to help the CIMZIA portfolio with their new, soon-to-launch addition, ava. The full outcome of this project is currently pending.


CIMZIA is an established brand. All of our work needed to fit within their specific brand guidelines for the global launch for the new ava device. Our main challenge was to communicate a sense of partnership with physicians and patients—while highlighting the built-in features that are designed to tackle the most prominent barriers to compliance: pain perception, and forgetfulness. By helping patients have a more positive self-injection experience, ava contributes to increased adherence—and by extension—better clinical outcomes.

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