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Cutting Through the Noise: How a Multichannel Strategy Can Bring Balance to your Messaging

So you’ve crafted messages that are authentic, compelling, and relevant. Now what? It’s tempting to take the Field of Dreams approach (if you build it, they will come), but now is no time for laurel-resting (yanny-resting?). Your work is far from over.

Digital, sales reps, tradeshows, out-of-home… just a few channels through which you could reach your audience. But which to choose? What do you say on each, and how often? These are the questions that will lead you to your multichannel strategy.


Visual and verbal audits should be performed before major adjustments to messaging—and the same goes for channel decisions. If you find that everyone in your competitive set looks similar, sounds similar, and uses similar channels—take that as a very obvious cue to do something else.

It’s impossible to establish preference with your audience if your brand isn’t first noticed, so enough with the safe hues—the stale stock imagery and buzzwords. You can do better, and your audience deserves to see it.


In B2B communications, it’s tempting to think only of business-forward channels like industry trade press and LinkedIn. But remember, business decisionmakers are complete human beings just like you and I are. They do things outside of work—and if you can find a way to target them in that different context—it just might be enough to break through.

Take golf, for example. It has little to do with neurology—but as it turns out—a lot to do with neurosurgeons. A few years ago, we uncovered an affinity for golf among neurosurgeons while performing online listening research for a client.

So we know they like golf—great. Now what?

Whether it’s as simple as branded golf balls, gloves or other accessories at a tradeshow, a putting green at your booth, or an all-out pro tournament sponsorship—opportunities abound at every price point to get your message in front of neurosurgeons, via the sport of golf (be sure to check local regulations).

This principle applies to any affinity group, as long as the connection is strong enough to be widely applied. Want to talk to Crossfitters? Instead of just Crossfit blogs, Crossfit YouTube channels, and Crossfit gym partnerships—consider the periphery; nutrition magazines, blogs and podcasts relating to swimming, or gymnastics. Find ways to partner with chiropractors.

So instead of a “laser-targeted” channel strategy (expensive and crowded), side-step the competition and give your message room to be heard in places your audience may not expect (often at significant savings to boot).


Now that you’ve composed your messages and chosen your channels, it’s time to match them up. Tailor your copy and imagery to the platform you’re using, as well as your audience.

The makers of breakfast cereals understand this well—their audience is groggy, and MAYBE paying half attention. Give them the top-level basics to help them feel good about their choice: “100% whole grain.” “Fortified with vitamins A & D.” “Part of a balanced breakfast!”

Physicians sit at a desk for a large portion of the day, and they get lots of email. So if you want to capture their attention, skip their inbox entirely—and consider the merits of hardcopy “toilet reading”. Don’t ask us why we know this works—just trust us that it does, ok?

The point is, be sensitive to the mindset of your audience at the point they will likely encounter your message. Don’t put a paragraph of text on a billboard, and don’t sell lingerie on Sesame Street.


And finally, you must remain consistent. Steady messaging for a long period of time over each channel is what it takes to make an impact. Consistency breeds credibility—which, over time—becomes trust.

Still have questions about channel strategy, branding, or messaging? We’d love to chat!

At Tamooz, we work hard to tell your ideal brand story—with strategic communications that move hearts and change minds. From brand development and digital marketing, to interactive design, events, and experiences—we deliver a portfolio of tailored solutions and services that work together to create powerful results for your business. Let’s talk about growing your brand. Visit us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Or—to get even better acquainted—give us a call at +1 612 234 1153 (US), +44 7 835 160 205 (UK), +972 3 681 8885 (IL), or


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