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GE Healthcare


It was our job to create a new communications strategy across a variety of channels for GE Healthcare.

We found that our plan would have to be adapted to fit different regions based on infrastructure, education and economics.


We built a brand that would support our new offering—The GE Healthcare Pathology Partnership. It was implemented across both print and digital channels and included: brochures, tri-folds, branded items, and large-scale booth graphics.

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The challenge

Taking both infrastructure and economic barriers into account we built a brand that would support our new offering – The GE Healthcare Pathology partnership.This new communications strategy was implemented across a variety of both print and digital channels. Consisting of brochures, tri-folds, branded
items, and large scale booth graphics, this campaign was a comprehensive provision of communication material.


The result

By creating a holistic messaging and communication plan from the outset, Tamooz was able to keep deliverables consistent both visually and verbally, leverage assets across many different types of media and create a launch brand that was both memorable, different and worked.

The brand won awards both internally and externally, with clients almost 9 years later remembering the brand.

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